Collaborative Expertise

Medical Profession

Employee / Candidate (Conflict Resolution, Contracts;

Employment, Compensation, Relocation, Severance)

Navigating Government Agencies, Federal and State

(Medical Services, Disability and SSI)

Navigating EEOC on Employer Conflics

Professional and Personal Makeovers (all ages)

Insurance Companies

Global Supply Chain

Real-Estate Investing

Suppliers / Vendors (Large or Small Projects)

Remodeling, Maintenance, Landscaping

Wholesale Flowers, Plants, Trees, Bushes

Collaborative Solutions

In-Home Health Personal Care 


Manufactures and Distribution

Transportation (Air, Sea, Road, Rail)

Business Enterprises

Human Resources (resume writing)


Leadership Development

Advertising, Website, Social Networks

Landscaping (Large or Small)

Flower Shop:  balloons, candy, event planning / occasions; (weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, get well), weekly office or building lobby arrangements


Our Expertise | How we are different, with you in mind





With over 50 years of combined experience in the broad fields of international management, international consulting and international contract negotiations; our diverse team works arduously to meet and best represent your unique needs. Our CEO, Vince Pradia, having been in Global Corporate America, holding several Executive Positions, the US Air Force, as an officer in the Medical Corp. as a Hospital Administrator, he understands the the challenges with employers / employees, demands of aging family members wanting to stay in their homes and not in medical facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes.  Pradia Collaborative Solutions (PCS) and Pradia Home Health Care Solutions (PHHCS), each dynamic management team member bring their personal vast experience and knowledge to serve each customer and client's personal individual needs. From meeting day to day activities in career growth to learning about international supply chain markets to personal in-home health care services solutions.   We strive to exceed your expectations on a consistent basis, with quality first, compassion, respect and just good old fashion human interaction knowing you came to us for a solution 




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 CEO and Founder Vince Pradia